Innovative Limb Lengthening Surgery Methods At AFA Limb Lengthening

Discover the forefront Of limb lengthening technology and surgical expertise at AFA Limb Lengthening where cutting-edge procedures meet unparalleled patient care. Our dedicated team specializes in advanced limb lengthening surgery Mmethods including the renowned LON and PRECICE Techniques ensuring precise outcomes and optimal patient comfort.

LON (Lengthening Over Nail) Method

The LON method represents a hybrid approach to limb lengthening. This technique involves the insertion of an intramedullary nail into the bone, accompanied by an external fixator that is attached from the outside. During the lengthening phase, the intramedullary nail guides the bone to extend in a straight line without bearing any load, while the external fixator provides essential load-bearing support and facilitates the lengthening process. Once the desired length is achieved, the external fixator is removed surgically, marking the completion of the procedure.

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LON method limb lengthening surgery ILIZAROV

PRECICE 2: Advanced Internal Lengthening

Developed by Nuvasive Corporation, Precice 2 stands as the pinnacle of internal limb lengthening systems. Composed of titanium and powered by an electromagnetic motor, Precice 2 offers a highly comfortable and safe option for leg lengthening surgery. This method is celebrated for providing patients with the most advanced surgical experience available globally, making leg lengthening an incredible journey toward achieving new heights.

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PRECICE 2 ERC limb lengthening surgery

PRECICE MAX: The Next Generation in Limb Lengthening

Evolving from the success of Precice, Precice MAX emerges as the leading internal system for stature enhancement and limb reconstruction. Like its predecessor, Precice MAX is crafted from titanium and features an electromagnetically motorized mechanism, ensuring the highest levels of comfort and safety for patients seeking limb lengthening surgery.

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STRYDE method ERC for leg lengthening surgery

Choosing the Right Method for You

STRYDE method limb lengthening surgery nail afa

At AFA Turkey, our approach to limb lengthening surgery is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each patient. Whether it’s the LON method, with its dual mechanism of action, or the internally focused precision of Precice 2 and Precice STRYDE, we are committed to providing transformative results. With safety and precision as our guiding principles, we invite you to explore these innovative techniques and embark on a life-changing journey with us.

Considering limb lengthening in Turkey? AFA offers a range of methods from the traditional Ilizarov method to the state-of-the-art Precice STRYDE and Precice Max systems. Whether it’s achieving a harmonious limb proportion or embarking on height surgery in Turkey, our expert team is here to guide you through a tailored limb lengthening process. For more information on the LON method, Precice STRYDE 2023 updates, or to discuss AFA limb lengthening cost, please contact us. Begin your journey toward achieving your desired stature with the most trusted name in limb lengthening surgery in Turkey.

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